Minister of Music, Children, and Youth Position Description

Position Description

Minister of Music, Children, and Youth

First Baptist Church

8 First Baptist Church Road

Piedmont, SC  29673


The Minister of Music, Children, and Youth must be of such character that s/he reflects the Christian standards espoused by this church.  In addition, the Minister of Music, Children, and Youth should recognize and accept the philosophical belief that music in our various worship services has the potential to enrich and enhance the church-wide ministry, as well as enrich lives.


Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills/Abilities for Position


            The Minister of Music, Children, and Youth must have graduated from or be enrolled in an accredited college with at least status as a junior in appropriate areas of study and must have received appropriate formal training and experience. This will include vocal, directing, piano/keyboarding experience and experience working with children/youth in their development as Christians, as active church members, and as useful citizens to the community.  The person must understand and adhere to Baptist theology and practice.


The Minister of Music, Children, and Youth shall have education and/or experience with children’s development and learning, as well as demonstrated ability to organize and manage programs designed to help younger Christians grow in their knowledge of Bible teachings and Christian standards.


Persons interested in the position must have a written reference submitted from a professional member of clergy sufficient to substantiate the applicant’s skills and character as pertains to working with persons of all ages, especially with children and youth.


Responsibilities and Duties of Position




  1. Provide leadership in encouraging broad participation in the music, children, and youth programs of our church.
  2. Promote, organize, teach, and direct choirs/choral groups for adults, children, and youth.
  3. Lead in the ministry to children and youth and work with the children and youth ministry teams to organize children and youth activities.
  4. Discuss with the pastor new programs or changes to existing music, children, and youth programs before implementation, who will then present these to the Board of Deacons if necessary.


Specific Duties:


  • Lead or direct the music at worship services.
  • Assist the pastor in planning worship, including selecting music appropriate to the worship service, worship themes, and seasons.  Organize and present special musical programs for Christmas, Easter, and at other times throughout the year, including the coordination of other musical activities.
  • Supervise the work of the organist and pianist.
  • Maintain, utilize, and add to the current music library, and develop and oversee an annual budget for church music programs.  Purchase music and related supplies within the budget and in coordination with the Finance Committee.
  • Be responsible for Sunday and Wednesday night music.
  • Teach Sunday and Wednesday night Bible Study for both Youth and Children's groups on a rotational basis, in coordination with the children and youth team leaders.
  • Coordinate children and youth activities (i.e., facilitating/providing supervision for fellowship activities) along with other children/youth leadership.
  • Coordinate Children’s Church, including the development of monthly schedules, recruiting workers, and ordering age-appropriate materials.
  • Work with the children and youth ministry teams on a quarterly basis to plan the major events for the year (i.e., Easter Cookout/Egg Hunt, Vacation Bible School, Back to School) and other events/activities.
  • Plan and participate in outings along with other team members, such as camps, beach trips, overnight retreats, and other outings established in the quarterly meetings.
  • Deliver monthly Children’s Reflection in Sunday morning worship in coordination with the pastor.
  • Assume an active role in Vacation Bible School (one week of focused Bible study in the summer).
  • Coordinate with the pastor in recruiting and involving young people in church activities and youth Bible study.
  • Organize set-up and breakdown of equipment/tables and ensure that equipment and areas are restored to their usable state for children and youth activities.
  • Participate in other church-wide activities whenever possible.




The Minister of Music, Children, and Youth is under the general supervision of the Pastor and the Personnel Committee.  S/he will work closely with and provide reports to the Music Committee and the Children, and Youth Ministry Teams in all programs/activities.


The Personnel Committee will review the job description and meet with the Minister of Music, Children, and Youth annually or at any other time necessary to discuss personnel matters related to their work.


Continuing Education


After the first 12 months of employment, the Minister of Music, Children, and Youth will be eligible for reimbursement of related professional expenses of up to $500 ($250 for music and $250 for children and youth) per year for approved continuing education courses offered through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship or the Southern Baptist Convention.




Applicants will be required to consent to a SLED background check, a DMV driver’s check, and a urinalysis to test for substance abuse.  Any offer of employment is contingent upon satisfactory results being obtained in all three areas showing no history of criminal activity, evidence of a safe driving history, and no evidence of substance abuse.


Employment will be considered probationary for 6 months.

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