According to Mark


When you ask most Christians, “What was the first Gospel written,” they will answer, “Matthew”.  This is because the church councils listed Matthew first in the canon.  However, the gospel form was composed first by Mark.  According to Mark (the actual title) is a gospel of hope written in a time of great persecution from the Roman Empire.  It is the shortest of the canonical Gospels and is very fast-paced.  It is also probably the most “neglected” of the Gospels in church life.  Come and explore this writing in which opposition and persecution of Jesus and his message are prevalent, in which the urgency of the gospel message is ever present, and in which we find hope for living in a world filled with opposition to the message of grace and mercy.

  08/06/17IntroductionDr. Stephen Hearne 
  08/13/17"The beginning of the Gospel
of Jesus Christ, Son of God..."
Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  08/27/17Authority and ConflictDr. Stephen Hearne 
  09/10/17Sabbath AuthorityDr. Stephen Hearne 
  09/17/17Family DiscipleshipDr. Stephen Hearne 
  09/24/17Kingtom Mysteries
and calm storms
Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  10/01/17The power of Jesus
over the world
Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  10/08/17On mission with GodDr. Stephen Hearne 
  10/22/17False PietyDr. Stephen Hearne 
  11/12/17What does God look like?Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  11/19/17Confessions and CommitmentsDr. Stephen Hearne 
  01/07/18Belief and discipleshipDr. Stephen Hearne 
  01/14/18Controversial DiscipleshipDr. Stephen Hearne 
  01/21/18The Cost of Eternal LifeDr. Stephen Hearne 
  01/28/18Seeing and Following
into the Kingdom
Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  02/11/18A fig tree and the TempleDr. Stephen Hearne 
  02/18/18Controversial QuestionsDr. Stephen Hearne