Guy Sayles begins the book for this study with a statement about what he sees as a primary purpose of the Gospel we call Matthew:  “Matthew’s Gospel seeks to form a community of faith in which people faithfully confess Jesus as ‘the Messiah and Son of God’ and follow him in lives of creative and adventurous discipleship.  This Gospel, like all the writings of the New Testament, is honest about the people who follow Jesus:  they (we) are simultaneously devoted to Jesus and distracted from that devotion, committed and wavering in those commitments, hopeful but acquainted with the temptation to despair.”


We are very much like those early disciples/followers of Jesus, living in a pluralistic culture and seeking to understand how we are to live in and relate to such a culture and world.  While this endeavor is a lifelong journey filled with valleys and some mountains, this study may assist us in resetting our sights and being more aware of the call to discipleship.  Come along on this brief journey through Matthew.


  02/23/11An Introduction to the
Gospel of Matthew
Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  03/02/14Making Disciples: Part 1Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  03/09/14Making Disciples: Part 2Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  03/16/14Core curriculumDr. Stephen Hearne 
  03/23/14Core curriculum - continuedDr. Stephen Hearne 
  04/06/14Well-Taught Disciples:
Kingdom Parables
Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  04/13/14Parables of the Kingdom Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  05/18/14The Passion and ResurrectionDr. Stephen Hearne